Dear Mr. Sandman


February 11,2012

RE: Sleep Patterns

Dear Mr. Sandman,

Look, I understand that you cannot be there for me all the time, but some of the time would be super! I mean, you go away for a few days then Wham! you come back for a few days. This can make our relationship very rocky in my opinion. 

I just wish you could come on a regular schedule, like every night, so I can get a routine going. I mean, I think our relationship is going along well and then you surprise me by not coming back one night. Then, because I am sooo tired, I cannot sleep. These surprises are not good for us.

After your absence, you then proceed to overstay your welcome and basically I cannot get out of bed. I get up and try but you pull me back. This is not a healthy relationship at all.

Please do me and you a favor. Could you please just get more regular? I know the wolf throws you out at times, but you can fight him if you want to. Please consider changing, for us, our relationship and the family. I appreciate your consideration of this matter.