Listen Up Big Bad Wolf


I have had enough! I am getting ready to get you out of my life! I have almost given up several times, but this time I refuse to give up! You must leave! Sooner than later! I have had ENOUGH!!!!


I truly have been dealing with a multitude of symptoms and pain lately. I have been close to saying I am done, that I cannot keep going, that I give up and let the big bad wolf win. Yes, I admit it, lately there have been instances where I have thought how much easier it would be to just let go, and give up and let the wolf just take me. What has changed?

To begin with, another one of our warriors lost her own battle with the wolf last week. LilyKat was what we called her but her name was Liliana. She was not only a fighter, but she was also a spokesperson in ads that asked “Could I have Lupus?”. She was a young, vital woman with a passion for awareness and fighting the effects of this disease. She had been down, but never out. She refused to give in. When I heard of this brave young woman’s passing, it made me ashamed to even think about giving up! I need to continue on and do what I can to promote this disease and what it does to us who have it. LilyKat did, and so can I. 

There are never any guarantees. This disease can swiftly descend and snuff out another warrior without so much as a hello. It can be unpredictable, painful and sneaky. Just when you think you are overcoming it, it rears its ugly head in a new way and you must fight again. It is not called the great imitator for nothing.

So, for you LilyKat, I will continue to fight the fine fight. As long as I am able, I will continue, for you, Suzanne, and all the others who were gone too soon. I will also fight for my children and grandchildren, so none of them have to deal with this disease. I will fight for the future and continue fighting until the wolf takes me. I will hope that this disease does not touch any others. Until then, I will continue to fight.


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