Stockpiling, er, couponing


I admit it. I LOVE to coupon! I currently have a full pantry of all types of name brand products that could feed my family for some time. I also have my little stockpile. The stockpile is the result of the couponing. I have been gathering information on how to store this stockpile so it does not go bad and in fact, will keep for a year or more. 

Most people think that what I am doing is not important. However, most people do not know that if a disaster were to occur, your local market  (even the superstores) only have enough food for three days for the people in your area. That is if they were fully stocked at the time of the disaster. Scary thought? You bet! Most folks if they actually know this statistic, bury their heads in the sand and think that somehow their family will get relief from the government. Didn’t they see the aftermath of Katrina? Oh yeah, the government has become faster at responding NOW, but how fast is fast?

I used to think that people planning for events like that were kind of crazy, wacked out paranoids who used this stockpiling and preparation as their way of meeting their paranoid ideology. I must confess that I was wrong. The LDS, or Mormons, have been doing this for years! Not to mention that the government has stockpiles of different things from medicines to food as well. However, you may or may not ever get these supplies for your family, so being prepared is essential. 

There is a new show I recently watched called “Doomsday Preppers”. Preppers is the name given to people who prepare for emergencies by stockpiling and having supplies their family will need in the event of a disaster. Who knew? Apparently, I have been a prepper for a few years now and didn’t know it! 

So, for anyone who is interested in doing this, I have posted below a group of web pages I refer to time and again. They offer lots of information and help you out if you do not think you can do it yourself. They make it easy to order it, and then have it for  your family when needed. 

One caveat I must add here: if you want to order MRE‘s, be aware that yes, they are nutritious on a short term basis, but for long term, you need other options. Why? Ok, you are gonna hear it from me here… MRE’s are made for a military on the move. Yes, they are a meal and yes, they will sustain you. However, they also are designed to make you NOT have a bowel movement for a time. That is so the military does not have to worry about, um, pooing on the move as it were. I researched this and found this little tidbit out. You can use them, but beware that when you do finally go, you might just be surprised. Now, back to the food and away from the poo!

Since I started doing this, I found out that more than 40% of fellow countrymen are doing the same. Since I was a newbie, I went online and found some very interesting sites that I wanted to share with you. I do not get any kickbacks for promoting their sites. Here is what I found:


This is the official website of the Latter Day Saints and includes very helpful information for anyone just starting out. It also helps to determine how much of foods you should plan to have per person in your household. I read it and learned so much from it! It provides common sense ways to store and preserve foods without a fancy budget or eating MRE’s. Truly a wonderful site if you want to check it out. Also, if you have any friends who are Mormons, you can find out when to take your foodstuffs to places that are using the dry canning machine. They use them and share within their wards so if you know someone, you can find out when to dry can your goods. If you do not know what I am talking about, check this site out for the information.


If you go to this website, you will find a wide variety of foods and meals that are dehydrated or freeze dried to give them a long shelf life. They also will send you a free sample to try out before you buy anything! I highly recommend this one. It is a good and informative site for costs and supplies needed to stockpile without having to “do it yourself”.

This web site gives you further examples of choices you can make for your family that require very little other than to purchase the kits and be ready! They have all kinds of stuff here from MRE’s (Meals Ready To Eat), used in the military, to freeze dried and dehydrated. Their prices are competitive with others as well.


This informative web site is written by a Mormon mom and is an easy read and helps you learn ways to not only do it yourself, but succeed at it as well! I loved this site for information!


This web site is by a manufacturer of food stuffs and emergency kits for any type of disaster. They offer high quality meals packaged to last for many years on your shelf. Great to check out!




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