As I write this post, in Ohio we have had 80 degree temps and 29 degree temps all in a few days stretch. Hmmm, wonder if that could explain a few things. I have been having some of the worst joint pain in awhile. Amazingly, it could be from the weather. I know, they say scientific studies show no correlation of joint issues and the weather but I challenge these scientists to walk a week in my shoes. They might have different conclusions if they did.

Many of my fellow lupies feel the same way. The weather changes, we hurt. Fact. So, I have been having another rough patch, or it could just be a continuation of the winters rough patch, I am not sure anymore. I only know that this winter has been far worse than the temperatures we had. The constant yo yo effect has wreaked havoc in my body. Outwardly I look fine, if a bit tired. Inside, my body is at war with itself and the resulting consequence is pain for me.  Hey, I am allowed to be a bit negative. I can scream and rage at lupus until I feel better if I want to.

So, in the interest of honesty, I will say that this winter has been a bear and I have felt every change from cold fronts to warm fronts. I am soldiering on though, because I want to see my grands grow up and become the wonderful adults they are capable of being.  That is only one reason but for now, this moment, that is my reason.

Hope you all are enjoying pain free days and well rested nights!