Ahhhhh…. Rest


I have a day to myself today. Not really but basically it means I do not have any plans other than starting the roast in the crock pot. Ok, check, done that. Now what to do? It is rare lately that I find myself at a loss of things to do. I should really enjoy this day. I have a few little things I can do today, and probably will, but really it is nice to not HAVE to do anything today.

I have had to do things for three weeks or more now, and it is stressful to me just to get up and have the day planned. Granted, helping my mom is not a big deal really, especially if I were not already sick myself, but it gives me a sense of purpose. You see, I always LOVED working when I was not so sick. I derived a great sense of self esteem from doing any job I had to the best of my abilities. My jobs made me feel like I was contributing to society, to my family, to the bigger picture of things. I know that sounds silly but it is the truth for me.

So, today I plan on doing a bunch of nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. I hope everyone has a pain free day and enjoys this day of life.