I Just Want To Scream!!!!!!!!!


Have you ever felt like just stopping what you are doing and screaming for all your worth? I have. Today. It is one of those days where I woke up and felt like the day was going to be great! Awesome. Outstanding. At least until I got out of bed. I was barraged with a multitude of things before I had my coffee! Ok, note to self, never talk to anyone until you  have your coffee. Hmmm, maybe get a small coffee maker for the bedroom… oops, sorry, off topic.

Now after that it went downhill fast. No warning, just poof! Horrible day! Mentally the day was challenging due to the cause of others, and then , big surprise, I got a migraine! No really, I did! Go figure, huh?

Sometimes I wish I could just have one whole day, 24 hours, to just relax and read and do nothing. Of course, it has to be when I am not in any pain too. Pain could spoil the whole quiet time. Ok, now I am on to something!

I also do not know where the time has gone. I am sooo not prepared for our Lupus Walk at the end of this month. April 28th. Wow! I am doing what I can to make it as successful as I can for our team. It is hard at times because I truly have been having a rough time lately. Miserable body keeps hurting me. Someone make it stop!

Anyway, if you hear a blood curdling scream, ignore it. It will just be me, letting off steam! I hope everyone is having pain free days and lots of good times! Oh, and if you want to help out my team, here is the link to donate securely online: