Spring cleaning is a ritual many of us do this time of the year. It is rather like the new year resolutions most do. We know we should do it, but it is hard to put the plans into action. Procrastinating is in our DNA I believe. To that end I am trying to formulate my plans for my spring cleaning.

I have to admit it, I am somewhere in between a hoarder and a would be organized person. Not particularly one way or the other but a mixture of both. For instance, right now I have a bedroom that is nothing more than a storage room, piled high with boxes and clothes that are waiting for me to “sort” and decide their fate. In the interim, I am keeping the door shut so I am not reminded that it is all waiting for me.

I have decided to start small. I have several bins that I can use and I am getting some really nice boxes from a friend of mine. I am sorting into four categories: Keep, Throw away, Give away to kids (their stuff), and Goodwill bound. By doing it this way, I am sorting as I go through it and when I get enough, I can load it up and hit Goodwill and donate it all. I also can give the kids their stuff when they come to visit. The “keep” stuff I will clean and then organize. Hence, the storage bins. I really would like to be organized like that.

It will take major work on my part but I truly want to do this and to be quite honest, it has to be me who sorts it because no one else would know what is meaningful to me or not. I just am so tired of carting all this stuff from place to place and sincerely need to downsize all this stuff, especially since we have not used most of it for years!

I know, I could have a garage sale and then donate it but seriously, I have had a big garage sale every year for the last couple of years and the bottom line is this: not much actually sells and I am stuck sitting here waiting for people to come and go through it all. Times are hard. I do not price my stuff high either, I almost give it away, and yet, still not many sales. This year, I am donating it instead. I am tired of hauling it and want that organization so bad!

Have you ever done this or are you like me? I welcome any tips you may have for me as I attempt to “sort” through this junk. Thanks and I hope you all have a pain free day and many more just like it!



2 thoughts on “Organization

  1. I’m a bit of a pack rat myself, and last year I held my first ever garage sale in order to off load old stuff taking up too much space in my home. After 8 hours, I carted most of the stuff back into the house; but I never thought of giving the stuff to Goodwill. In my area, Volunteers of America does curbside pickup of donations and the Salvation Army will also pickup donations from your home as well – so from now on I’ll be giving them a call.

    • I agree with you. After trying and taking so much time to make the sale look good, pricing everything, and wasting a couple of days of my time, I decided that I am not going to do it again. If I need to get rid of stuff, I will prepare it for my kids to go through and whatever is left Goodwill gets it. Not worth all the hassle.

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