I am hopeful for a cure but until then I will fight like the lupus warrior I am! Sure, I am not that strong but I refuse to let lupus win!

Living a Natural Life With Lupus

No, I am not talking about a person who is a pain n the neck. I am talking about literally a pain in the neck. I was with a friend today and we went to wally world. I got done pretty quickly so I sat down to wait on her to finish her shopping. So far so good. I lifted my head to see if she was coming and all of a sudden a jolt of what felt like electricity went from the base of my neck down to between my shoulder blades. Yikes! I have had this before so I took it easy hoping it would not progress any further. After I got home, it went from mild pain to electric volt again and this time it didn’t let up.

Have any of you ever experienced this type of pain? I took a muscle relaxer and it helped me…

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