Pain in the Neck


No, I am not talking about a person who is a pain n the neck. I am talking about literally a pain in the neck. I was with a friend today and we went to wally world. I got done pretty quickly so I sat down to wait on her to finish her shopping. So far so good. I lifted my head to see if she was coming and all of a sudden a jolt of what felt like electricity went from the base of my neck down to between my shoulder blades. Yikes! I have had this before so I took it easy hoping it would not progress any further. After I got home, it went from mild pain to electric volt again and this time it didn’t let up.

Have any of you ever experienced this type of pain? I took a muscle relaxer and it helped me out. It is still tingly and if I move in the wrong way I know it because the jolt is back again.  So, I am in bed and hoping that by morning the pain will have subsided and I can rejoin the “normal” folks again.

4 thoughts on “Pain in the Neck

  1. Yes, I’ve had a sudden sharp pain come up in different muscles. Massage, heat, and muscle relaxants work for me, usually. You are not normal. Neither am I. We have lupus and lupus is not normal, and neither are our lives. Accept it, young Grasshopper. 😉

  2. Amen find a cure. I also refuse to let lupus win although today is not a good day for me and looks like Luppy is winning…… But nope i got the upper hand luppie

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