Ch Ch Ch Changes….


I am in the process of making some pretty momentous life changing decisions that are extremely emotional. While the changes will alter my life in ways that are positive, it also is with laced with bittersweet memories. I have made these decisions in a short time, it has also been a long time coming. In other words, this has been working to a head for some time now and I am finally strong enough to change it so I can feel better both physically and mentally. So, what am I talking about?

I am moving out on my own after all these years and starting over. I know I mentioned it previously but this week is when I move out and get the ball rolling. I have counseled with elders and have talked to my friends and realized that I am at peace with my decision.

Is it hard? YES! Am I second guessing my decision? YES! Have I done the right thing for me at this time in my life? YES! Has my stress level dropped immensely? YES! Am I healthier now? YES! So, in the pluses and minuses department, the good outweighs the bad and I feel better already.


One thought on “Ch Ch Ch Changes….

  1. Eva

    YAY JEN!!!! So proud of you!!! And if you ever need to talk, drop me a line! You’re SO awesome and I’m SOOOO incredibly happy for you! You’ll be great! Show the world that you’re ready to tackle it so it BETTER be ready to handle you (which, seriously, I DON’T think it is! lol)!!!

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