I finally got my  bed and dresser out of storage and now my place is a wreck again. However, I am going to take time to go through it all and get it organized and ready for company. I will have my grand Audrey all next week so I am excited to get it cleaned up so we can craft to our hearts content and just hang out. She is 7 going on 30. Such a hoot!

So not I am busy nesting into my new little house. I am not as lonely as I worried I might be. I do not have a tv but seriously do not miss it. I have netflix when I want to watch something and I have rediscovered the library (which is 2 blocks from my house).  It is funny that I do not miss the television. I used to sit in front of it for hours and now I find I am doing things around the house instead.

Nesting is a good, warm word. It evokes snug feelings of love and contentment. I think it is the best to describe my life right now.


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