Hot hot hot and sadness


Today in our area we reached 102 degrees farenheit at my house. Yes, it was hot! Needless to say, I stayed inside for most of the day because of the heat. I have had one of my grands, Audrey, for a few days and she knew it was hot out so there were no complaints from her on staying inside either.

Sadly, I do have some bad news to report. A friend of mine lost her grandson overnight to leukemia. He was 5 years old and full of life and wonder. A handsome boy who smiled all the time! It is sad to see young ones suffer so much and yet they always seem to smile and stay happy despite their problems. Luke will be missed for sure by all who knew him.


3 thoughts on “Hot hot hot and sadness

  1. I am so sorry. what a painful thing. As a mom, I just can’t help but see my own child’s eyes behind his. My son is healthy, but the pain of even the thought of the loss of a child sends pain through all out hearts. I am so sorry

    • Thanks for the thoughts. It is painful, and he was not my grandchild! He lit up any room he was in and was such a sweet child! I ask that you keep his family in your prayers.

  2. How sad to loose such a young one to the dreaded disease.. One often wonders why the young must go when there is so much life for them to see. It is a reality of life, when my wife goes to the Oncologist, to see all the young ones sitting there, receiving their fill of Chemo, a sad, sad reality that makes one wonder why…. I hurt for you and the loss of the child so young, so young…

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