I would like to say up front that I think my team of doctors is a pretty good team overall. They take good care of me each, in their own way or specialty. I am thankful to have them. However, I do believe that there are times I would like to fire the lot of them and start all over again. Why you ask? Let me explain…

I have been experiencing some of the most horrible pain of neuropathy I have ever had lately. Crying, throbbing, nasty mean pain. Ok, so I decided to do what I am supposed to do, I called my neurologist. I called his office where, I find, the earliest they can get me in is July 24th. Seriously! Despite me telling them the pain I am in and all. So, I take it. I asked them if they could give me something for the pain until the appointment. They suggested I call my family doc and see them to get something in the interim. 

So, I call my family doctor. I ask to have an appointment and explain why I need to see her. They tell me they will call me back after talking to the doctor. I get a phone call back a while later and I am told that since I have a neurologist who treats my neuropathy, I should see him for the pain. Seriously? I just explained that he could not see me for almost a month! 

I did ask at both practices what I should do about the pain. Both suggested I go to the ER and I could get some temporary relief there. Boggles my mind!

I am trying to go about this the right way and I basically got the run around. In the meantime, the pain is still there, making me hurt more each day. Let me tell you why I do not go to the ER though. You see, if I go, it always goes like this… I am seen, given a shot or something then sent home. I am treated like a whiner, a silly woman who is drug seeking for pain killers. I just wish once, these same people had drop of the pain I live in daily and could see just how painful it is. A little empathy would go a long way.

I guess what makes me really boiling mad is that when someone in TRUE pain presents to the medical establishment, they get no relief for fear of  being accused of supplying medications to drug addicts. However, the true drug addicts can get whatever their heart desires at any time, legally or not legally. It is the honest folks who are paying the price.

Makes me think that I should find my neighborhood drug dealer for relief. Oh wait! If I do that, then I am a criminal and can go to jail. On the other hand, in jail I get free medical care and drugs. Wow! I understand why people with chronic and incurable pain get so angry! Is this wrong? Yes, because the really sick people are the ones who suffer because of the drug seekers who abuse the medications that we, the truly ill need. 

Ok, getting off my soapbox now. Just had to vent. Thanks for bearing with me!


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  1. caridad Mendoza

    Sooo true. I went for a second opinion to see if I could find some help and after 6 month of monthly visits and nothing new, on my last appt I was asked to pay $250 for appts changes, the nerve! I was waiting for 2 weeks for a call which never came. I simply walked away and went back to my old doctor. Now she refered me to the neurologist 2 month ago for 7/24 but got a call and now it has been changed for 7/24…in the mean time I am in so much pain! the sad part is that i work at this medical facility, but it doesn’t help. So, I do understand how you feel, it is frustrating dealing with this illness and not finding the help we need! Hang in there!

  2. I’m so there with you. I left my last doctor wouldn’t give me the pain relievers that worked for me because they were narcotics. I now go to a doctor that gives me what I need to control the pain. Definitely the reason I keep my supply of pain meds carefully controlled.

    My cousin is one of those that seeks drugs for non medicinal use. I took her to my doctor because she was staying with me. He did a treatment on her back and gave her a non narcotic pain cream. Two days later she was in another city, in the ER, claiming the bruises on her back were from an accident. She was given a narcotic for her pain. People like her are why we can’t get the meds we need, when we need them.

    Two months ago I needed a refill for my pain meds. Walgreens was out of stock! They said it was on backorder but two days later, they told my husband they had some. Go figure.

    • Yeah, I totally understand. I just get so angry! I know of people who take the very meds I need, and they are addicts! They know where to get it! I bet if I asked them, I could get what I need but alas, I am one of those law abiding citizens so I must suffer!

  3. Linda

    Yes, it burns me up when I hear about people who abuse controled substances and don’t need it…because there are lots of us who do need the drugs to be normal, productive, not in pain, anxiety or misery! Just seems like medicine is taking a backwards approach to old days when the only ones who got help went to facilities who took away freedoms. Oh God I hope thats not the case!!! I hate having to justify myself when Insurance changes force me to change doctors who don’t always understand the needs of people who hurt and have anxiety.

    • It sucks doesn’t it Linda? I sincerely hope none fo their family members get sick because then they will find out how awful it can be to deal with all the aspects of treating a chronic disease.

  4. Arielle

    I re-read my post a couple of times, but now that it is awaiting moderation, I see a grammatical error and a word omission. Is there a way to edit? The past 8-10 months I have made a plethora of verbal and written miscues. I experienced this before diagnosis, but have not had any problems in over a decade. Anyone else? Suggestions? My neurologist says that it is stress, but I am not experiencing any more stress than previously. I fear I am “losing it.”

  5. Arielle

    I hope you begin to feel better, but it sounds like you are in overwhelming pain and complete misery. Does your neurologist have a PA you could see? Years ago when I needed to see one of my specialists (don’t remember which one) and was told I would need to wait weeks, I said okay… fine. Could you please ask Dr.??? to recommend someone else who is more compassionate? Later in the day I did received a call and was scheduled for an appointment within the couple of days.Have you thought about just showing up in one of their offices and demand to be seen? I would continue to call until someone relents. There are always people who cancel.

    I have told my husband that under NO circumstances is he to call 9ll. I have to pay a sizable deductible, which we do not have. Many times, as I am sure you know, the ER doesn’t do much. They call your specialist and ask them. I am truly sorry for your pain, misery, and lack of consideration from the medical field. I am thinking of you and wishing you well, but I know that is no consolation.

    • Thanks Arielle!
      I totally know what you mean! It really trips my trigger when these people treat us badly. Who do they think pays for their services? Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. lcatton

    Too true.. its as if you have to be damn near dead for some one to take you seriously. The medical establishment can be extremely discouraging 😦

  7. I hear you girl, You are 100% right sadly sadly we live in this world where the ones doing it by the book get it the worst. I was in the emergency room last night because my rheumatologist had no app. I got taken care of for my pain THAT day. But I am still in pain now. What go again to the er? $50copay again???? Ugh
    I hear exactly what you mean and I fill for you.

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