Coupon adventures 7.4.12


Ok, I admit it, I have not been as diligent in my money saving efforts as I used to and that is why I have not posted in a bit about them. However, that is about to change. Now that I am on my own and needing to stretch every dollar three ways, I am back to it. Let me share my “extreme” couponing today with you.

My day started at walgreens. Here is the breakdown on it:

Total purchased:  $111.76

Total coupons: $29.20

Actual amount spent: $82.56

Other credits: $49.57

Total out of pocket for me: $32.99

Next I went to Walmart and this is what I did:

Total purchased: $78.50

Total coupons: $74.00

Total out of pocket spent: $3.78!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Coupon adventures 7.4.12

  1. Jo

    Wow! How on earth did you do it? Where do you find that many coupons? The Walmart savings blew me away!!!

    • I have someone who gives me the leftover coupons from sundays papers. Then, I go online to or and look up the lists for what coupon to use where and what paper it is in. Then I get my list drawn up and away I go! My friend and I went back to walmart and she shopped this time and they owed her $2.45 once the coupons were rang in! It began at $85 and her coupons made it so she got money back! Most stores won’t let you get money back, you have to buy something to make it positive amount, but our walmart will give you money back! It is so much fun and I have my own little grocery store here at my house for when the kids need things. I am focusing on shelf stable foods right now because they are edible from their containers if necessary. Having been through a few wind storms and losing power, it is easier to plan ahead now!

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