Warm Welcome to all the new folks


We have had a substantial number of new folks join our little community lately. I would like to say Welcome and please jump right in and join our discussions. I enjoy hearing your stories that are so similar and different. It is a nice way for all of us to share our experiences and get support at the same time!I truly am glad you all are here and I hope that this little blog helps you in some way.

I know it was hard for me to get support from my loved ones and friends at first. I decided that I would do this blog to get it all out of me, the pain, the joys, the trials and the educating of myself and others. It is so nice to get the feedback from others.

Now that I have support, it is still important for me to vent and throw away the bad times so I kept the blog going. I find it important to let go of the negativity and look for the positives. So, int hat vein, I would like to say once again welcome, and glad you are here!!! ~Jen