Couponing is Not Hard!


For those of you who think you do not have the time or effort to coupon I say, think again! How much money can you save before you justify an hour a week to couponing? It really is simple. Here is how I do it…

I have several go-to websites that make up weekly lists showing the free or near free items for that week. I scroll through and find the things I am needing. Next, I find the papers the coupons I need for the things I am buying. I cut those specific coupons only, out of the papers, then make my list of which stores and what product at each. Then off to the stores to save money!

It is really a fun thing to do and I have so many friends who do it too now. Times are tough and we all could use some savings. So, how much is your hour going to save you? The choice is up to you!

*For a list of the web sites I frequent, see my links and they are on there!


One thought on “Couponing is Not Hard!

  1. Thank you for posting this!!! I saw your post about spending 4 bucks at walmart and purchasing 75 dollars of stuff, and that struck a nerve. I have put us on a such a tight budget that big savings would mean a lot!

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