For my Readers…


I have a question for you all to answer. Please answer.


What helps you in your journey with an autoimmune disease?

My answer is faith. If I didn’t have faith, I would not have made it this far. It is nice to know that God is there when I need Him. It helps me to carry on.

Another of mine is music. I love all types of music. Music can slow me down and relax me like nothing else. I find I sleep much better when music is soft and melodic. I prefer celtic music to go to sleep to but as I said, all kinds of music help me face the challenges of each new day. ~Jen


5 thoughts on “For my Readers…

  1. Jen, I am working on a answer for you. Amazing how this triggered some real soul searching.
    More later…got to noodle around in the noodle a bit more…..

  2. After 36 years with autoimmune disease, it is only now that I appreciate what it provides me. I’m not being facetious nor am I being a Pollyanna when I say what “it provides me.” Your question sounds serious so I am answering it seriously.

    It is only within the last two years that I understand the power of being present in each moment of one’s life. Like you, I have come to understand the power of faith. Mine is oneness, more in the Taoist, Hindu and Buddhist traditions. I am learning to appreciate the complete consciousness of my body and its connection to my mind and ultimately to the field of Universal Intelligence, as I refer to God. As I study these traditions, I am better able to understand autoimmune disease because I see my dis-ease in a larger context.

    I, too, love music and listen to classical music, 24/7. I am 60 years old this August and can honestly say that I am getting better with age.

    Thank you for posting this a thoughtful question.


  3. Mary

    Hi Jen-
    You know, I do not have a answer for your question. I have only been diagnosed for two years.

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