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Well, the neuropathy pain has been getting worse each day. I see the neurologist on the 24th. In the meantime, a friend of mine took  me to the ER because I cannot sleep from the pain. It is not only both feet now, it has also moved into my legs!

For the past several days I have gone to bed and the pain wakes me back up. It is a vicious cycle of pain and no sleep. Frustrating.

So, I headed to my ER. They actually got me right in and checked me out. Decided no blood clots were present. It is just the pain of the neuropathy.

Neuropathy is usually associated with those who have diabetes. A little known fact is that when lupus starts affecting your brain, it can cause your nerves to go haywire, just like in diabetes patients. It causes a pins and needles type of pain. It causes acute pain and can be really horrible. I have posted previously on this subject of the connection from lupus.

Sorry if this post is a little disjointed. The ER doctor gave me a healthy dose of morphine along with a triple dose of neurontin. The pain is still there, just not as bad. I have some relief finally. Now, on the 24th me and my neurologist are going to have a major pow wow and get this pain under control. I cannot live like this, in constant pain. I totally understand why some of our fellow lupus warriors have committed suicide. When you have this pain all the time, you get to wondering why should you keep trying. Been there. Now, if this will give me a little break from the pain, maybe I can get back on track and feeling better. Ok, a girl can dream at least.


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  1. Eva

    Oh Jen! So sorry I haven’t been around much! I’ve been in a massive flair as well so I haven’t checked my e-mail in almost a month! I’m praying for you Honey!!!! You are at the top of my prayers every night, right there with my family!!!! God hold you and take it away Sweetie!!! I’m so sorry you’re going through this!!!!!

    • Thanks so much Eva! I will do the same for you always! This stuff just stinks! I thought with summer it would get better (it usually does for a bit). However, it is nothing but a big long flare!!!Sending you gentle hugs for get well wishes to you! ~Jen

  2. Jamie

    I’m keeping you in my prayers sweetie, i found your site after much digging about brain fog…no one else would get to the damn point on their page so i could share something with my family. Thank you that you have. I too have alot of problems sleeping at night…I will continue praying for you….as i know your praying for all of us. ❤

    • Jamie,
      Thanks for your encouragement! I need it as do we all. Brain fog is a tricky thing. You know that. I know I worried I had alzheimers or dementia when it first developed. My granny had alzheimers so it was a legit worry. However, now that I have been cleared, it is brain fog. I hate it but it is a (not so necessary) evil. I hope you can explain it better after reading. Gentle hugs to you! ~Jen

  3. Thank you all for your encouraging thoughts. I feel better today but I am going back to bed because I am long overdue for rest. It is amazing what a few meds can do. Still hurting, just not as much. I hit my breaking point last night. If it comes again, I will do the same thing. It is crazy that we have to endure all this when relief is right there. Ah, but I digress….

  4. Arielle

    I, too, shall keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I feel bad that you are in so much pain-such needless suffering. However, I am relieved to read that the ER did help you somewhat. SLE was initially diagnosed in my CNS. Reading about the immense pain you suffer has given me pause. The past 6-8 months, or perhaps longer, I am/have been experiencing major fog, almost more-so than when I was diagnosed 18 years ago. My short term recall is horrendous. I cannot converse without asking what I just said, so that I can continue the conversation. This is quite frightening as I am sure your neuropathy is for you. Please keep me updated on your neurologist visit and recommendations. I have taken Neurontin and it had no effect whatsoever. I don’t know that prednisone would help, as it did little for me in the past. I am at a loss as to what to do, but after reading your post, I am calling my neurologist and making an appointment. I had attributed the problems with memory and speech to stress, as I was planning a major event. That concluded 3 weeks ago, and it seems that things have have not changed, but manifested. Please do remember that I care. Collectively, at least for me, it is easier to cope, as opposed to being the only one. I wish you well. May you be feeling much better by the time this is posted, and may your neurologist prescribe or do something that alleviates your pain. Thinking of you-take care.

    • Thanks Judy! It is a rough one right now but hoping it will be resolved soon. Just got too overwhelming this time. I can go back if I need to so I am hoping that I don’t though. I hate the ER. Off to bed now (at 6 am). So tired and grumpy. Thanks again, it means a lot knowing someone out there is praying for me. :]

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