crafts (Photo credit: Margarida Sardo)

I love to craft. Unfortunately, I do not get to as much as I would like to. I love to crochet. It hurts my hands so I limit myself accordingly. I love to scrapbook too. I find I can do this even on a bad day. However, I am not allowing myself to do it right now until I get this house organized. Call it a gift when I get done. I also like to make unique items and either sell them or give them away. I make jewelry. I love to cook. I love to coupon and stockpile foods.

These are my things I enjoy to do in my spare time.  Do you have crafts you enjoy? Please share your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Crafts

  1. Lynn

    I enjoy baking when I have the energy for it. At almost 56 yrs. of age, I still haven’t found any crafts that I’m good at. For the past 1/2 yr., I’ve been doing plastic canvas. During the many nights when I can’t sleep, I enjoy working with it. I get so focused it helps keep my mind off of food, the ever-present thought that’s put in my head by prednisone. Right now I”m making treasure boxes for my grandsons.

    I also love grooming my dogs. They are like giant Tressy dolls and I like to get creative with the grooming. I’d probably play with coloring the standard poodle if she had white fur. I’m not great at it but getting better and better with each try.

    I like to crochet but do not know how to follow patterns so I mostly make blankets. I once made a fabulous crocheted dog sweater. I was just playing around learning new stitches and noticed it was turning into a dog sweater. I wish I could understand patterns though.

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