Pajamas (Photo credit: pirate johnny)

I have always loved my clothes. I have a wide variety of things from business suits to jeans and tshirts. My closet is packed.

I recently decided to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Why? Well, I finally realized that since I no longer work, I wear pajamas more than clothes. I found that I have more pajamas than I do regular clothes.  When did that happen?

I think it was a gradual thing. Since I am housebound at times, I do not like to “waste”” getting clothes dirty when I know I am not going anywhere. Saves me on laundry. So, I clean up and put on a new pair of pajamas. I have been purchasing pajamas here and there, one at a time. I love the after christmas sales and any other time they are on sale. It seems like I am always finding a great deal on pajamas and so I buy them.

Now don’t think I am talking about victorias secret stuff here. Oh no! I am talking good quality cotton gowns and leggings to go with them. Oversize shirts too. Robes included. I have three different house shoes as well.

It is a funny thing. As time has gone on and I do not get out, the dynamics of street clothes versus pajamas changed. It became more important to have nicer pajamas, since I was wearing them more often than street clothes. When a guest stops by, if I am dressed in street clothes, they are amazed! Speaks volumes doesn’t it?

So, as I approach my 53rd year of life, I have decided that I do not care what others think. It is my body, my house and my life. I am not wandering around walmart in my pajamas so whose business is it anyway? If I feel more comfortable in my pajamas than I do in street clothes, it is my business! If you stop by and find me dressed in pajamas, please know that it is not because I am too sorry a person to get dressed. It simply means I have no plans of going anywhere and I am probably going to have a lupie day.

Either way, who cares?


3 thoughts on “Clothes

  1. Love it! I insist my immune system works for the government and my uniform consists of pjs and track pants. Cute and comfy pjs are a must…

  2. Exactly, who cares girl they do nothing for you anyways. And even if they did its your life,your body. And no one knows how its to have a lupie day….. Ps I have tons of pjs mine are Mickey ones lol I love Mickey…..

  3. helenlivesey UK

    Do so understand the pyjama wearing. Some days my skin is so sensitive I am only truly comfortable in fine cotton night gown. I always feel odd answering the door in night gown and velvet robe. Postman can be very judgemental.

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