You Judging Me?


I just posted this as my facebook status because, well, I heard there are those who are questioning my doctors in the care they are giving me. So, in the spirit of letting them know how I feel, here is my retort:

Ok, this is for the people who think I should not take so many medications and that the medications are the reason I am so sick, well, think again! When you get a medical degree and can tell others what they should take, then I will listen to you. Until then, I prefer my specialists like a neurologist, an opthalmologist, a rheumatologist, and others who form what I call my “team of doctors”. Yes, they all  share what is going on with my disease. Yes, they all know what meds I am on. And guess what? They all agree to the care I am receiving. So, if you want to discuss my disease and care, please have the decency to call me and get the facts first before judging me! Thanks!

Seriously, that is what I said. What do you think? Too hard on them or too easy?


6 thoughts on “You Judging Me?

  1. caridad Mendoza

    Don’t let this kind of people get to you, they are ignorant miserable human being who probably have a very unhappy life and want everyone around them to be as miserable as they feel. I had someone at work tell me this week “you don’t look like you have Lupus” so my respond was “and how am I suppose to look? Her response was ‘well, you don’t have the butterfly facial rash! To what I said ‘ do you know what is under my three layers of makeup? Just because I don’t show it doesn’t mean anything, do you really know what Lupus and accompanying disease is? I shut her up. The sad part is that this person is a nurse. Maybe I should give an in-service in Lupus at work. They will always doubt you. I like bulldogsturf comment, I take so many medications that I feel that way too, and people always tell me the same thing to stop all meds, What do they know???

    • Hey Caridad!
      Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, things will be going well and then some idiot spouts off again. I should be used to it by now but it seems to blindside me every time! I am glad you joined us here and welcome! Feel free to jump in on the conversations and even share your story with us! Happy reading! ~Jen

    • Caridad,
      I also wanted to say that I only get the rash occasionally but it seems that as long as there is no “outward appearance” then people think it is not real. I was told by a close friend once that even though I try to laugh and smile all the time, she told me to show my pain and maybe others would listen. That is one of the reasons I started this blog. I wanted to get it out there and then let it go. Thanks again! ~Jen

  2. Surely people aren’t questioning your medication… so few know anything about Lupus and that includes Doctors… how can some idiot query your medication..? I don’t think your retort was harsh enough… Lupus is a misunderstood disease, and you keep doing what the experts say.. they are exactly that the experts… tell the self made Doctors to go shove it where the sun don’t shine..
    My friend who loves to read your blog as she is also suffering from Lupus, knows what you are going through and she can attest to all that is needed to take to make your life as comfortable as possible… sometimes I see all the pills and meds she’s taking and I think if I picked her up and shook her she would rattle…
    God go with you…

    • Aw thanks for the support! I know, every so often something like this pops up and it really yanks my chain. It is like they want to feel superior to me by judging me and putting me down (behind my back of course). I have been on as many as 17 different medications at once and I am actually on five now. FIVE! I think that is good news but there are always people out there who think they know more than they actually do. I feel sorry for them mostly because they have no understanding and refuse to acquire it. By sitting in their judgment seats, it makes them feel superior to me and I guess in their small minds they think by doing that they are truly better than me. Thanks for your kind words and support! ~Jen

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