Your Stories Shared Here


Hey everyone!

I decided to make this post so you all could share your stories of your journey with these autoimmune diseases. I honestly think that by sharing, it helps us in the day to day, knowing there are others that are dealing with the same issues.  So, please share your story by commenting on this post. I think it will help our community bonding and each of us personally. Thanks! ~Jen

2 thoughts on “Your Stories Shared Here

  1. Mary

    Jen- love your website. I get information that I sometimes do not know. I have been diagnosed for 2 years with Lupus-SLE,Sjogrens,hypothyroidism,and Barretts esophegus-which having that interferes with meds that I could take for some of the pain with the Lupus.
    Think I might be starting with the Neurapathy(not spelled corectly) issues. I guess that when you are on this website -you know that you are not alone. I still DO NOT like this disease.

    • Hello Mary and thanks so much for your kind words. I try to find all the information I can find to put on here for informational and educational purposes. As you can relate, there are many overlapping conditions too. I am glad you are here and you are soooo not alone! ~Jen

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