Been a Busy Week


This week has flown by! To start the week off, I had to put my doggie to sleep. She had a stroke Sunday night, and Monday morning  as soon as the vets office opened, we had her there. She had become paralyzed and poor thing was so sad . She could wag her tail just a little bit and she let me know she loved me. It was a rough way to begin this week, but it had to be done because she was suffering so bad. I will always miss my Savannah.

I have also had to get out and do errands this week as well. Running here and there and all over, trying to take care of things needing my attention. I think I am done for a bit now.

What are your plans for the weekend? Mine are to relax, and sleep. I am flaring up again (lupus). I sometimes wonder if I ever STOP flaring? My legs are becoming a bigger issue than before but I ams till walking and trying to keep active. I have lost 25 pounds now and feel a bit better ont hat front. I am trying to complete the afghan I am for my granddaughter, Gabi. It only lacks a few rows to be completed. Another granddaughter got to meet an olympic gold medal winner in judo! Kayla came to the school and met with the elementary kids to mentor in setting goals. My granddaughter was chosen to help the opening ceremonies later that evening to welcome this olympian back to her hometown. What an honor!

I have been missing in action here though. I just had so much to do and got overtired, and the last thing you would have wanted was for me to post while all that is going on. Who knows what I may have put?

So, on that note, I will say goodnight and hope to get back posting more soon. Just need to decompress and rest. I will be back up to snuff soon!


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  1. Lynn

    I am so sorry you lost your Savannah. Being a dog lover and having to put my heart dog, Hannah, down a few years ago, We’d been sidekicks for almost 14 years. I can relate to the pain. An old breeder/shower acquaintance gave me one of her Afghan hounds. I still had/have my whippet, but I eventually also added a small standard poodle to the family. The brought back some light to the household. In the future, I’ll have to think hard about the size dog I bring in because it’s tough to walk them. I probably won’t have 3 dogs at once any more because I can’t walk them as they should be walked. I hope your household is full of love to get you through this.

    You should be very proud of yourself for losing all that weight. I’m struggling to control my thoughts about eating. It’s all I think about. I pray it’s drug related and I can find some willpower if they change my meds.

    My plans for the weekend, I hope to find the energy to at least shave my poodle’s face. Ideally, I’d love to bath and fully groom her. I also hope to get some walks in when the sun is low. I’m also having issues with flares. My skin has been a hot mess for about 4 months now and new rashes keep breaking out. I also struggle to get by without taking pain meds because of my fear of addiction. Sometimes I have to take them before walking the dogs. If I don’t, my back muscles spasm while and after walking. I don’t know if that’s lupus related or if it’s because I spend most of my time sitting and don’t get any exercise.

    I’ll definitely do some needlework on plastic canvas. It’s easy to do and I’m getting better and better at it. I recently completed a gift for my friend’s little girl who is terminal. The doctors said she’d live around 2 years but she just had her 4th birthday. I made a little dog carrier and put a Beanie Baby black poodle in it. I made the dog a service jacket. I don’t know if I can post pictures here, but it came out awesome. I put the little girl and her service dog, Sparkle on one side of the carrier and Sparkle’s name on the other.

    Hope your heart mends as quickly as possible, or at least that the heartbreak does. You loved and kept your sweet Savannah safe, fed and happy and I’m sure she’s watching over you.

    Take care,
    Lynn Mack

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