Coupon Freebies



This is my shopping excursion for free stayfree.  I bought 29 bags of stayfree and paid only $3.77! I also got two $5 gift cards from target as well. Yup, I love me some freebies!!! I donated some of them to the local food pantry and the rest are saved for my granddaughters. Retail therapy always helps. Happy shopping and couponing everyone!


One thought on “Coupon Freebies

  1. Diane

    GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!
    I admire folks who can do this. I hate shopping rather it’s food or clothes. If I need to go to the store I go early in the morning as soon as the store opens. I get in a panic if the store has to many cars in there lot. My mom ruined shopping for me. She would go at the bussiest time of day. and of course that resulted in long lines. Congrats to you.

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