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It is that time of the year again, the time when the weather cools at night and the air is filled with the scents of fall. It is a beautiful time of the year! I love this time of the year! Unfortunately, my body doesn’t like it. The cooler weather triggers flares in many lupus patients. I am one of those patients.

As most of you know by now, I am in a major flare. Fully. I have joint pain, fatigue, blisters in mouth and nose, malar rash, and feel like poo. I called my rheumy and he called me in the poison I hate. Prednisone. Yes, it can work miracles, especially for us lupies. I just hate how my body responds to it. For the first two days, I was still miserable. Days three and four led to a flurry of activity as the prednisone kicked in and the adrenaline kicked in too. Of course, with the increase in activity, it also brings setbacks in other ways.

My body reacts to prednisone in a variety of ways. I almost always get the malar rash breakout when I first start it. Next comes the MAJOR hot flashes! I mean MAJOR! No sleep is another one. I get back spasms too, dunno why for those. Now add in intense itching, extreme hunger and insomnia, and well, you get the picture. Sure, it helps me fight lupus! It gives me energy and shows me how I can feel good sometimes. The minuses are many though and I hate this medication!

Alright, I know, it is a miracle drug that keeps many of us lupies alive. I understand that. I just wish science could find some other medication that does not have so many side effects and yet can stop a flare in its tracks! Until then, we have to get the different poisons, aka medications, and pray for the best.

I am thankful for the meds because seriously, they do help stop the major effects of this disease. The drawbacks come in the form of osteoporosis and others. I know this personally.

So, I have been MIA for a bit because I am either tearing into a project with this energy from the prednisone, or I am sleeping for 24 hours catching up. Such is life in the life of a lupus patient.


3 thoughts on “Prednisone Activity

  1. Lynn

    Your posts make me feel relieved just to know someone else is going through the same thing. Unfortunately, I do not get bursts of energy. I’ve been having days where I lay in my recliner feeling like a statue with a brain. It’s hard to fight depression as I am missing my favorite time of the year. I want to walk my dogs but instead leave the door to the yard open so they can let themselves out. Between fatigue that’s so overwhelming I have to dig VERY deep to get up to feed the dogs or use the bathroom, let alone getting any exercise and the fact that the prednisone makes me food driven, I’m getting bigger each month.

    I think I have a different type of rash. It’s not the malar. My rash has been going on for over a half year and covers most of my body. I did three rounds of tripling the pred dosage and it didn’t help much this time. Guess I’ll have to live with looking like a hot mess and pray that the winter gives me some release (though I’m rarely in the sun already).

    Like you, I’ve also been getting spasms (lower back). On the days when I manage to get the dogs out for a walk, the spasms kick in while walking. Sometimes I’ll take a pain med ahead of time but I worry about it becoming a habit.

    Also like you, I’ve been sleep almost 24/7. I wake up and eat whatever takes no effort to prepare. I won’t even go into what a mess my house is. I’d be mortified if someone came over unexpectedly.

    Though t probably sound like a Debby Downer here, I usually manage to find joy in life though I’ve been getting depressed lately because I feel like I’m sleeping my life away. Thank God for my family and dogs. They light up my life.

    I hope you are all doing well or getting better. Oh, if I have lots of typos, I can’t see them because my vision is blurry. I type and hope for the best.

    Happy Autumn, everyone!

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