Sleep You Say?


This is a moan, venting about the last few days. If you want to read it, fine. If not, fine. I just needed to get it off my chest. Thanks!

If you have ever been on prednisone, you wil know what am I talking about here. When I am on prednisone, I find myself suffering insomnia and running around cleaning and doing things. That is what prednisone does to me. Usually that is.

For some reason I have slept the last two days away, despite the prednisone. I found out why today. It seems that I have developed this tightness in my chest and ear ache and congestion along with a cough. Well I it is par for the course it seems. So, now I am sleeping even through the prednisone and feel like I can hardly move and walk or anything. That heavy feeling in my arms and legs and feeling like a huge weight is on me.

Thanks for letting me moan. Just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

One thought on “Sleep You Say?

  1. I sat in the bathroom and sobbed last night … all I could think of was how TIRED I was of being THIS version of ME! TIRED of being tired — TIRED of being exhausted — TIRED of being brain-fogged-can’t-fry-an-egg-without-burning-it-stupid …..TIRED of baffled-confusion when trying to follow simple instructions — TIRED of lying bug-eyed and wide awake when my body is SCREAMING just to sleep and wake REFRESHED! TIRED of the all-consuming marrow-deep pain and limbs and digits that get tangled and confused when I try to walk or stand –tired of WORD-SALAD jumbled verbal responses when brain farts and thoughts jumble into unintelligent goosh. Yes, the weather outside is delightful — and yet sometimes frightful as the weather-fronts move in and barometric pressure brings crushing-pain-results to cells and tissue and …. Yes, I am SO TIRED of being me … but what are my alternatives??? just not be ?….and that seems too harsh of an alternative–especially when there ARE some good days and exquisite moments and beloved friends and family that I still want to enjoy…. so I dry my tears and blow my nose and wipe my face and stumble out into my current version of life and HOPE for this season to pass ….I t brings to mind a number of “old sayings” — “Misery loves company “(we feel so alone that its sadly comforting to know there are others out there like US!)–I personally do not have lupus–I endure fibromyalgia, chemical-intolerances, chemical on-set asthma and MANY of our daily dilemmas and chronic burdens are similar in scope & intensity ….

    By all means, VENT! Carrying it around inside is TOXIC! Sharing and releasing lets you /me /us unload and detox and lighten our loads until we have a better day … May GOD bless you! You have a lovely page:)

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