Will I Ever Get Done?


I have a common refrain these days when I look around my little house. The question is “Will I ever get this done?”. When I moved in here, in June, I got unpacked, well, mostly unpacked and then set about to settling in to my new digs. In the interim, I have been able to get more of my stuff and now find myself surrounded by bins and boxes of various things that I need to sort out and make decisions about.

It is a sad commentary for me to admit that I am surrounded by these bins and boxes and even though I do get a few things done each day, I find it seems to keep growing instead of diminishing. Is it breeding while I sleep? I feel certain it is something far simpler. Basically it is because, I have had a few set backs health wise and have had little or no energy to do most anything at all. When I do have energy, I am in catch up mode, catching up on dishes and such. That means that the bigger things surrounding me are still waiting for scrutiny, of which I have not had energy to do. It is a classic catch 22.

I am hoping to get over this hump and soon because I need to get this place winterized before the weather gets too cold. In order to do that, I need to find a way to get around these bins and boxes. It really only matters to me but I hate it being so messy. I will leave that for another day though…


3 thoughts on “Will I Ever Get Done?

  1. Anonymous

    Jenni, I feel like you are writing my story as well. I know unless you are dealing with this sort of thing it’s impossible to understand how out of control things can get. If I push myself one day then the next 2-3 days I’m unable to do anything but make trips to the bathroom and fix a quick sandwich or soup. Sometimes I can’t even find the energy to shower. It can be so overwhelming and discouraging, but then I hear or read something that keeps things in perspective. Sometimes my grandchildren come over or someone calls or I get a card in the mail and it gives me the lift I need just at the right time. Even more important, it gives me the blessing of helping me to be more understanding of other’s problems and I AM grateful for that and the opportunity to live get to know more and more beautiful people like you.

  2. Patti Pacer

    Jen, I am so amazed how our life stories are so similar. Three years ago I too left my husband. I moved into a 1 bedroom and before I could finish getting settled I fell and broke my shoulder which required 2 surgeries. All of the boxes and bins left to hopefully get unpacked when I became physically able to do so. Now three years later the same boxes and bins are still in the same place. I am now packing to move out of my 1 bedroom apartment and into a home with 4 roommates. It means giving up privacy but my rent will save me $250.00 a month happens to me there will be someone there.

    So, I hate to give you bad news that what your experiencing will get better but maybe you will do what I could not do myself. It is nice that you validate what I have experiencing myself. I sent this page to my family so they can see that I am not the only one.

    Hope you find happy,

    • Thanks Patti! It is amazing how we are survivors! Sometimes life hits hard but never quit! I have dark days but each days gives me more peace. I am so happy things are going well for you. Even with the disappointments, you are still looking forward. In fact, you give me hope. Thanks so much! ~Jen

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