Football Season


I love football. Not professional football, but the games that are played with heart! I am talking about your local hometown football games! It is such fun to attend a local game at my alma mater, Franklin High School in Franklin, OH. I have not attended one in a  few years, but it is a hoot!

I highly recommend that everyone should go to at least one local hometown football game. It is fun to watch the youngsters out there on the fields, playing for heart. Check out the young girls int heir cheerleading costumes giving it their all. Watch the band at half time as they play while marching on the field. The drum majors are pretty cool too. One of my favorite things to do is buy a hot chocolate and something to eat. It will depend what your school does have, but I tell ya, somehow it tastes better in the cold air, sitting on a bleacher, cheering for your team!

Seriously, if you get the chance, please go support your local team!

You might be surprised at how much fun you will have! I know I did! Go Wildcats!


2 thoughts on “Football Season

  1. Mary

    Well—it is getting interesting to see how much we have in common. lol It was good to see your face the other day-but now I find you are a Buckeye. I was born and raised in Columbus and now live in Northeast Ohio (Snowbelt). I do know where Franklin in and have been there.

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