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I am going to try a new feature on my blog. I want to get your feedback on different topics. Please give me honest answers. This is not scientific, just curious. Thanks!



Do those of you with autoimmune diseases find your circadian clock is out of whack, in other words are your days and nights reversed? I have found night is my day now. Please share your answers.


4 thoughts on “Question of the Week

  1. Patti Pacer

    I haven’t experienced that. I do find I sleep better with the exception of an occasionally sleepless night when I have too much of day still on my mind.

  2. Mary

    I find that if I am in a flare (and this is one of the ways I know) that if I take a short nap during the day-I of course stay up later and then in turn wake up in the morning-turn on the news and doze a while-stay in bed and listen to the news-dozing.Also, if I am hurting-knees etc. and dont want to move I stay in a doze. Some days as you say-I can’t get to sleep at night-stay up on the computer playing games or do some reading.

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