A Burst of Good News


After the sadness of this week, it was great to finally hear some good news! I thought I would share it with you all as well. My cousin Trish found out she is officially in remission from her stage 3 ovarian cancer! Yee hawwwwwwww! Woot woot woot woot!

My cousin you see, is the mother of 18 children. Not all are hers biologically. She and her husband foster and most of the time, adopt those they foster. They specialize in teenagers. Their house is a constant ebb and flow of young people, either doing chores, or watching tv, or talking on their cell phones and well, you get the picture.

She is a very special person and has changed so many at risk teens into upstanding citizens that have security they never had by living in her home.  She gives them love, lots of love, and responsibilities, morals, values and well, love. It is so amazing to meet these kids and get to know them and in no time, they are my “nieces and nephews”. I say that because in our family, any older person who is a cousin or whatever is called Aunt or Uncle out of respect. My running joke with each of the kids is that I tell them each that they are my favorite. It is our gag we say and they love the teasing.

These kids come from troubled homes and for the most part have had little or now security and stability in their young lives. They transform over time into these lovely young people who finally are getting what they needed and blossom as a result.

Back to Trish though, I believe that the fact that they have all these kids,is why she fought so hard and is in remission today. She has so many reasons to stay here. I believe those kids anchored her here by loving back in the face of scary times.

My cousin Trish is an amazing woman. I love you Trishie, my MUCH older cousin! (inside joke, she is 3 months older than me and right now is the three months between so she is older than me!) She and her husband Charlie are truly inspiring to those around them by living their lives in such a special way.

By the way, I should mention that all of those kids are not living at home now. Many are grown and have moved on to pursue higher education, get married, having their own kids and so they only have nine at home right now. However, they all come back home to Mom and Dad for frequent visits and get togethers.


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