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For those who say they don’t have the time to coupon I say thank you! I, however, find that the things I get free are the things I enjoy giving away the most! I always try to get anything that is free with coupons. What my family cannot use, I donate to the local food pantry. I find it is so enriching when you can give back.

So, in that vein, let me share my shopping and coupons that allowed me to get 27 bags of stayfree products, full size bags, for free! Well, to be honest, I did pay $3.77 for them all and also got two $5 gift cards from target as well. So overall, I made money by buying all these products. I earned $6.33! Here is the breakdown:

My stayfree stock up tonight. I got 7 overnight ultra thins, 9 regular ultra thins with wings,  2 super thin with wings, 6 regular thins and 5 carefree liners. How much did I spend? $3.77 total!!!! I actually have two $5 target gift cards too!! Woot woot!!!


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    • Hi! I am happy to share what I know. First thing is to check out these web sites for the best coupons to use and they also explain how to get started. They are:

      Once you learn their easy systems, then you can start saving! I recommend getting Sunday paper home delivery to get the maximum coupons you can. If you purchase them at a store, lots of times not all the coupons are in them ( because they want you to get home delivery).
      Now, once you try out couponing and find you like it, you can begin real savings by purchasing more coupons from the following site which will mail you the extra coupons you need to get the super savings like I do. The website is:
      This site mails your coupons out the same day in most cases and you can then hit the stores with multiple coupons and stock up.

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