Coupon Savings For the Month


Thought I would share with you my savings this month. Yes, I coupon and yes, I save lots of money which in turn lets me purchase more things. Here is my month so far:

For those who do not know or remember my abbreviations, here is a cheat sheet.

TBC= total before coupons

CS=coupon savings from coupons and store specials

TOOP+total out of pocket I actually paid

S5= savings percentage

Plus at the bottom I break down the totals for all the stores combined!

Main St. Market

TBC: $88.63

CS: $38.59

TOOP: $50.04

S%: 44% saved

This is when I bought two huge family pork packs that had pork roasts, pork chops and pork ribs in them! Several months worth for just me!


TBC: $143.61

CS: $55.40

TOOP: $88.21

S%: 38% savings

I purchased 71 items on this order including a ton of sierra mist, the soda I drink.  So roughly a little over one dollar apiece for my items! Score!!


TBC: $35.31

CS: $8.08

TOOP: $27.23

S%: 23%

Now for the final tally:

TBC: $267.55

CS: $102.07

TOOP: $165.45

Not too shabby! That is meat, milk, eggs, soda and all that kind of stuff plus stocking up on several items like soda and pork. Not too bad!

See? A few minutes (less than one hour actually) and I saved that much! I tell ya, if you aren’t couponing, you might as well be burning your money! Have a great day!!


2 thoughts on “Coupon Savings For the Month

    • Actually the store had a major sale so I bought as much as I could fit into my fridge. I watch for sales in meat and purchase it in bulk and freeze. In this manner, I can stock up and still save money by both waiting for the sale and buying in bulk. Most stores price their meat at a cheaper price per pound when bought in family packs. You need to check your price per pound and become familiar with your stores. Believe me, it is not hard. Thanks for asking!!

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