Hurricane Pressure


I  have heard from a number 0f my lupie friends and the consensus that the hurricane brought about pain and aches from the low barometric pressure. Normally, I would be in the running with everyone else. However, a curious thing occurred for me.

When others were experiencing these issues, I found that I actually felt better! Yes, better! I know, it took me by surprise too.  As the low front came into Ohio, my pain lessened and I felt better. As the weather moved in and the rain and winds kicked up, I felt even better. I was amazed because usually storms and fronts in the weather cause me to have pain.

It makes me wonder if the reason is the movement of the front from east to northwest in that hurricane circular. I truly do not know why but hey, I made hay while the storm raged.

Of course, once I realized I felt better, I woke up and found that the pain had returned and that I had missed an opportunity to do so much more while I felt good. By the time I realized I was feeling good, I woke up back at square one.

Ah well, at least I had that small glimpse of milder pain and “normalcy” for a day or two.

I hope everyone is safe and warm and did not have too much pain physically or emotionally or lost their home. Have a great day!!