Call Me Mrs. Rip Van Winkle


Call me ms van winkle
written on Nov. 7 th, 2012

Ok. I admit it. I have slept for about 38 hours. I missed the whole Election Day dramas. I do not even know who won. I will find out but wow!! You see, my cable was stopped so I have no tv, phone or Internet right now. It’s not looking good for the future either. I think I was overly optimistic about how far I could stretch a buck. Oh well, this will be ok. I could make this into a no tv thing for a year and blog about it. Yeah, now I have a plan!! He he he.

So I will be writing my blog on my phone and whenever I am in a wifi zone, I will upload it. No worries, the blog will go on!!

I am motivated to get this place in shape for winter. I have moved furniture and such but finally have a plan in mind that I think will work. I just need to attack this plan one thing at a time. Overdoing it causes days of sleep, as shown by the last day and a half! All I did was walk to the library to use their wifi. Ok, so it is 3/4 mile round trip. I get it. Lupus wasn’t happy. Well pooh on you lupus! I will continue to live my life no matter what you do!! I needed to sleep anyway. Lol.

Seriously though, I will miss my few shows I watched. I always dvr’d shows and when I had a chance I would watch them. There are only a few I really enjoyed. I can deal with it. Plus, I can focus on more spiritual things too!! This gives me more time for studying the bible and adjusting my life to be a better Christian! See, focus on positives!!

So, in this hiatus from electronic gadgets, I will still be posting. Just please bear with me as I try to adjust and remain focused on the positives of my life!! Thanks!!


3 thoughts on “Call Me Mrs. Rip Van Winkle

  1. I, too, have pulled away from TV but maintain Internet service. I am reading more library books and enjoying them more–truly–and listening to our 24 hour classical radio station. I get my news from NPR. Just wanted you to know that you have company. I have been subscribed to your blog for some time, although I rarely comment. I applaud your courage.


    • Thanks Karen!
      Yeah when I moved out I was connected but now I am limited to wifi when I get out. Since I have no car, that limits it more. I will survive though!

      Thanks for reading the blog! Sometimes I forget to thank you for your input. I am glad you enjoy it!!

      • Been down the road afoot as well but God really does provide and ultimately, an old car found its way to me. Don’t worry about thanking me for input; just want you to know you have support.

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