Hello again!!!


Hey everyone! I am still out here knocking around. Still no Internet. Still living to tell it!!

I wanted to update and say that while I have been feeling mentally better, my stress is increasing because my estranged husband has been doing his best to upset the peace I have had. I will update further when possible.

In the meantime, life is improving and I amslowly getting things done.

I hope you all are pain free!!


3 thoughts on “Hello again!!!

  1. I totally understand about emotional abuse. I was married to a man that made me think I was crazy to think he would ever cheat on me. I thought I was a terrible person and had no self worth at all…..Until the one day that he got caught and he could no longer deny or cry or tell me it was my imagination. I left that marriage basically a shell of a person but having my own time or my very own things about me made me feel more secure. Your husband is going to have a very difficult time letting you go because when he is in control he feels good and complete…..Without you he has to look in the mirror and see the miserable person he really is. Try to not engage with him at all. Do not answer the door or pick up the phone. Let him know that your are no longer that person he once controlled. I sure hope your stress level is able to go down and you are able to have some peace.
    Take care.

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