How To Deal With Passive Aggressive People


Thanks to fellow blogger, Passive Aggressive Abuse for this post. It is worthy of re blogging. You can find the blog here:


#1 – Run for your life!

Oh.  No.  Wait.

Actually, there are other steps to explore first.

#1 – Realize that you are NOT crazy.  Passive aggressive behavior is real.

#2 – Learn all you can about passive aggressive behavior so you will recognize it.  This greatly helps with #1.

#3 – When you see that the other person is behaving in a passive aggressive way, calmly try to show him/her how he/she is behaving in a passive aggressive way.  Realize that this may not work, or only seem to work temporarily, so don’t take it personally.  Also, be careful with this one because passive aggressive people will often form relationships with codependent people.  And codependent people have a great tendency to try to “fix” the other person.  Therefore, #3 can actually perpetuate the problem, unless you can move on to #4.

#4 – Try to get the passive aggressive person to seek counseling to address the passive aggressive behavior and its sources.  Again, this may not work.  Often the people who most need help are the ones who are least likely to seek help.  However, if you can get the passive aggressive person to get the help they need, there is hope.

#5 – If #4 does not work, THEN run for your life.