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Ok, I have not been online to do this weekly but I will try to keep it up, ok? So, without further ado, here is this weeks question…

Are there certain foods that you have found that make you hurt worse? What are they? How do they affect you?

Thanks and I cannot wait to read your responses!

I have found personally, that even though I am not lactose intolerant overall, if I eat too much dairy, I will pay and pay hard. I get the big D and don’t mean Dallas. I can eat cheeses and have no issue whatsoever, but give me two glasses of milk and watch out! I can drink one glass of milk and be fine! It is an ongoing battle that sometimes I will face if I want dairy bad enough. I have also found that if I eat my homemade bread I feel better than the store bought variety. Dunno why other than the preservatives added. Well, that is two of my bad foods, what are yours?

One thought on “Question Of The Week

  1. After considerable research and 35+ years of autoimmune issues, I’m convinced that diet is key in dealing with the inflammation. Not surprisingly, sugar is a real culprit, especially in terms of pain. I am aware of how difficult it is to give up sugar but in my case, it was critical, which included fruit for a while but am now adding fruit back into my diet. Mine was quite a severe issue, and the only reason I mention it is that I believe I ate my way into it.

    Here’s a general guideline that you might want to consider: eat only whole foods, as fresh as possible, and no processed food whatsoever. As you note, you do better with your homemade bread, so if possible stay with it. As for dairy, I suggest almond milk; there is increasing evidence that soy seems to irritate autoimmune disorders.

    Because fresh fruits and vegetables are pricey, I have found frozen to work quite well, and I always check whether or not salt or sugar has been added.

    Good for you for looking into diet. Please know I keep a good thought for you.


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