Angry days


Hello everyone! I hope you are all pain free and doing good.

The title of this post says it all about the last few days. I am still sick with the flu. Fevers, chills, dry cough, runny nose, headaches and blah. Please do be extra vigilant to keep from getting this flu!! It is a misery and since those of us with autoimmune diseases are usually on immunosuppressants of some sort, hyper vigilance is called for. I thought I was being vigilant yet here I sit, three weeks into it and no relief in sight.

So I have been a bit grumpy, to say the least. I have several reasons. First, I am sick. No explanation needed there. Second, I have been sick for three weeks now. That will make you grumpy too. Third, after waiting over a week to see the PA at my GP’s office, I was not looked at for the flu, but instead they went by what I made the appointment for ONLY. That was acid reflux. Yep, I sat at the doctors and was told I would only be seen for what I had made the appt. for, nothing more. If I needed to be seen for the flu, I needed to make another appt. Same thing for my foot. Ok, the foot I can understand but the flu??? Oh, and since two immediate family members recently had cancer in the uterus and ovaries, I actually asked for an order to get ct scan done just to be safe. I mean, she was writing an order for a chest X-ray so why not? I told her why I wanted it. I was told that would be a entirely new appt and she would not write those orders for me! So, if I needed all these things looked into, then three more appts. would be needed. Seriously!!!

Now having worked in the medical field (nursing), I was flabbergasted!! I understand not addressing my foot issue, but to tell me no orders would be written for tests that I could get done at the same trip to the hospital was absolutely beyond my comprehension. Click, click print and done. Nope. When I said how much easier it would be to do them all at the same trip I was told ” people have to get them done at different times all the time”. Not exactly those words but actually ruder.

So, I have been toying with the idea of changing my doctor (gp) for a bit lately and today tipped the scale. I waited to see them even though I was sick, and have lupus, and yet I could not be treated for anything other than acid reflux!!!!

See ya family practice I have gone to for some thirty years!!! I will find one that actually treats their patients with compassion and caring!!! I have had enough!!!

First, I am on a VERY fixed income. Second, the hospital is in Dayton Ohio so I ration my gas and would like to make it all in one day. Third, I am a human being that typically will NOT go to the doctor UNLESS I am quite ill. You could even say slightly non compliant. If I make an appt. it is not a little thing to me. If I could afford all those visits in the first place, I would not wait until I have to be seen.

So, I got a handout about gerd, an order for a chest X-ray, and $83.00 poorer for wasting my time. This has upset me so much I came home and cried.

Now on to find a new doctor. My daughter told me of the one they see and I am thinking next month I can set up an appointment and see how it goes. I cannot afford another doctor appt this month. Sucks to be me right now but I will survive!

In the meantime, I can always go to the ER where they treat me with more respect and dignity then my family doctors “professionals”.


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