Flu epidemic Hits Here, Again!


Yes,you read that right. Here I was just feeling better finally after a four week course of this years flu and just as I felt I could breathe easier, (both physically and emotionally) it reared its ugly head again. This time it seems much worse than before, as if before wasn’t bad enough.

On the positive side I invented a new sound, the snough, a cross between a sneeze and a cough. On the bad side it hurts like the dickens whenever I do it.

I have made a decision. I am going to the ER this afternoon and while being worked up ask for a chest X-ray. I have a sneaky suspicion this is deeper in my lungs than previously thought. Otherwise I don’t think it would have recurred. At this point I could care less, just give me relief!

I have been popping Benadryl and aspirin, using my nebulizer, and my trusty neti pot. Between fevers and chills, I am miserable. As my granny used to say, I’d have to get better just to die! Now I mean no disrespect here, make no mistake, this is a killer flu.

I strongly urge those of you out there to take the proper precautions each and every time you are out and about. Wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizers, wear a mask. I know, it isn’t the height of fashion but a non sick friend is better than a dead one. Please be safe!

Now on to the inevitable flu shot debate. My rheumy has advised me not to get them because of a few of my meds I take and possible interactions. Whether your has a different opinion that mine is not the point. If you can get one them do. Two of my children and four of my grandkiddies have had this beast. Part of the reason why is people are sick and going to work or sending their kids to school sick. It is no wonder it is at epidemic status!! Come on people, it can mean somebody’s life if you go to work or send your kid to school when you are sick!

Many people don’t think about it that way but it is true. Stay safe and healthy out there by controlling what YOU can! Ok, stepping off my soapbox now.


2 thoughts on “Flu epidemic Hits Here, Again!

  1. Enjoyed reading everything on your site. My daughter (41) Real’
    was just diagnosed with Lupus yesterday! After about 11 years of
    hell…..I might add.
    Are you taking Digestacure????????
    Just read everything about it. Want some more input.

    • Hello and nice to meet you Marilyn! I am so sorry to hear your daughter was diagnosed but I am sure it is a relief in many ways too. Now the enemy is known and the battle can begin in earnest.

      I do use a digestive aid. It is called Lichi probiotic. It has helped me to not have as many issues as I have had in the past. I have colitis and for me that means diarrhea most days. After I began the Lichi it improved my symptoms and helped me to be more like a regular person. My stomach and I still fight but it isn’t as bad now.

      Please jump in and join the conversations! I have been a bit AWOL lately but getting back into the groove again. Nice to meet you!

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