Daggone Flu


This daggone flu has its claws firmly in me still. I mean for over a month now. I feel a tiny better each day but if I try to do much, I get pulled right back again. This is not fair. It is not pretty.

Anyway, things are going to be slow going until I am as “normal” as I get. I sincerely hope you all are well and do not get this.


4 thoughts on “Daggone Flu

  1. Anonymous

    I got it too. Three weeks later, the coughing is subsiding a lot but my right lung is quite painful. That’s better today too but I can’t use my muscles much because it causes so much pain. I also have to cough weird, basically trying to not cough. OUCH!

    I hope you feel better soon. It’s a bugger fighting of germs/viruses.


  2. Patti

    Take it slow and easy and do not push yourself too much. You don’t want to set yourself back and have it take longer to get better.

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