Well, now I have done it! So much for knowing what is going on in my body! Here’s what happened…

I still had the flu, for four weeks! In the meantime, my kidneys began to hurt and I got constipated. Or so I thought. Anyway, I took a laxative and thought that would be the end of it. You see, I have UC or ulcerative colitis, and I usually have the opposite problem. It is very unusual for me to have to use a laxative anytime. I thought it would bring me back to my normal. It didn’t. The next day I was miserable still. I got concerned so I went to the ER to get checked. I seriously thought it was my kidneys.

Lo and behold, they found out that my diverticulitis had reared its ugly head instead. I have known this could happen but it s the first time my colon had become infected. That explains a lot. So, they admitted me and immediately began several courses of antibiotics to take care of the infection and the “what if” scenario that  could have developed. Yous see, if I had not gone to the ER, my colon could have developed a “leak” and fecal material would have escaped into my abdominal cavity casing major issues that could include death. Plus, there is the added risk of cancer causing the whole thing too. Needless to say I was frightened. I had driven the only car to the ER and so now I was alone, admitted, and scared. 

To my children’s credit, they did call and check on me. My husband too. However, by the second day I was feeling a bit depressed because I was so alone. I started to cry and one of my nurses came in and held my hand while I boo hooed and got it all out. I was hoping to go home after one day, but I began to throw up and the doctors kept me another night. More IV antibiotics, potassium, and hopefully home the next day.

I finally came home after three days. learned a lot about me during this experience. First, I can talk a tough game but I am really lonely and scared inside. Second, I need the ones I love to care that I am sick. Third, and the most hard to admit, I need to stop worrying about others so much and take care of myself. 

I am glad I listened to my intuition and sought help. Knowing how my body is and reacts, this one was foreign to me and by seeking the help, I very well could have saved my life. The doctors were quite clear on the fact that it could have been catastrophic if I had waited. Moral of the story is this: if you think or feel something now right or normal for your body, check it out! I would rather be wrong than sorry. 

4 thoughts on “Hospitalized

  1. Kelly

    You have created an amazing and wonderful website. By sharing your experiences and knowledge you touch the hearts of each and every one of us who reads your entries. I have had lupus officially for only 4 years now and other chronic diseases for over 12 years. Not knowing what to think is one of the hardest parts of such unpredictable health issues and self diagnosing (ie. guessing) has caused me more problems than anything. That and the fear and loneliness we all try to ignore. Thank you for being brave and consistent enough to continue doing what you do … Which to me at least is bringing a sense of being a part of something that we can look at with a sense of humor and taking something serious and scary and turning it into a simple part of life that just is, reminding us all that life is what it is and our attittide is a wonderful chance to make the best of whatever comes our way. Not that what you go through is not terrifying and horrible… But sharing and learning and helping all of us out here feel less alone is a special gift and a blessing. Your words often make me laugh, always make me smile, sometimes brings tears and sometimes makes my heart break… But it always resonates with some part of me amd ends with my prayers for you and my gratitude that there is someone out there just like me… Only with the strength and conviction to make a positive difference to the world of lupies and remind us that humor and gratitude are keys to peace and even joy. A simple smile is such a gift. You, and people like you are what keeps me going when I want to just give up because I am tired of feeling so alone. You remind me that I am not alone at all.

    • Wow!!!

      I cannot even begin to express how much your comment meant to me!! I needed that! Thanks!

      Sometimes I wonder if others “get it” and understand what I am trying to do on here. I want to put a face to lupus and help others out there who feel as alone as I do at times. Your words brought me to tears. Thank you so very much from my heart!

  2. caridad Mendoza

    I too feel your pain but thank God you are home and will be more careful but remember no matter how much we know we still can be surprised by a new problem. I’ve had been in the hospital for diverticulitis and pneumonia. and since September is after a lung toxicity I have not been myself. on 12/12/12 (lucky date for me) i was admitted to the hospital with left back and left abdominal pain which started on 12/9. i worked 3 days in such pain that I now wonder how the hell I did. By the third day, after every single test was negative I asked for a GI doctor thinking it must be something in my GERD, he comes to examine and asked me to open my gown in the back and he found a rash on my back left side so as he is saying ‘you have a rash’ i screamed, ‘no way SHINGLES!!!’ Yeap, shingles…and I’m still in pain with post herpetic neuralgia, who know I might even loose my job. I understand how you feel, I am a very strong person and like you say I solve all problems and keep the peace in the family but I tell you I was crying very easily. So my friend hang in there, and take good care of yourself.

    • Thank you so much! It gets to where we second guess ourselves. I just knew it was my kidneys! So I totally understand. Shingles? Wow!! I haven’t had the pleasure (?) of that yet but they did check me for it. Crazy! I thought they were nuts but in the end they knew what they were doing. I think I will leave it to them now but still going to check it all out and be informed. Hope you are much improved!!

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