Here I Go Again


Well I am sorry to report that my infection never went away. A part of it lingered on from my recent hospitalization despite all the antibiotics I have taken. The pain was pretty bad so off to the ER again.

After tests, iv’s and a ct scan they discovered that this infection had not left. However, it was not as bad as before so wonder of wonders they sent me home with five new prescriptions! Hooray!!! I packed a bag in case they admitted me but so happy I didn’t have to use it.

One more thing… I asked about my blood count and I am now 12.1! 12 is the lowest number for not being considered anemic. I am working on improving that by eating protein. That is good news indeed!!

So, I am home, in my recliner, my kitty is sprawled out across my lap, and all is right for me. Hopefully, after two more antibiotics, this thing will be gone once and for all. Here’s hoping!!!


6 thoughts on “Here I Go Again

  1. Anonymous

    I hope you fight off that nasty infection. It amazes me how much I relate to your posts. I read this one while sitting in my recliner with one of my dogs snuggled in next to me. If I didn’t have a laptop on my lap, she’d be curled up in a ball in it’s placed. I’ve been having trouble fighting of viruses and flus. I got one of those cracks on the skin next to my fingernail, and now, almost 3 weeks later, it’s still infected and I’m losing the fingernail. That’s the problem with having a compromised immune system. When I am in a store, I run the other way, with my arm covering my nose and mouth, when I hear someone coughing. Again, I hope you feel better soon.

    PS: I sleep like a log in my recliner!

    • Hi there and thanks for the comment. I thought I had already approved this message but then again, I am heavily medicated so well, forgive me.

      My favorite place is my recliner, however I am a tummy sleeper usually and I need my tummy time. My kitty is either on my lap in the recliner, or at my side in the bed. She is never far. She is a true therapy cat who is a natural one, not trained.

      I am sorry you have had so many issues yourself. This crazy disease, along with the other autoimmune diseases, seems to attack in such random ways we never seem to see it coming!! I hope you get more improved!!

      Feel free to comment any time!! I really think it helps others to see they are not alone. ~Jen

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