Anniversary of Devastation


This is the one year anniversary of a devastating tornado that virtually destroyed my family’s hometown of West Liberty, Kentucky. I was not born there, but visited it most of my childhood with my grandparents on weekends when they took me “down home”. It is the “home” of my heart. Some family still live there. When I think of home, I think of this town.

Here are my thoughts on the anniversary of this terrible tragedy:

I still haven’t been to West Liberty since the tornado hit one year ago. I tear up just thinking about everything being changed. I have so many happy memories of it from my childhood and adulthood and in my mind it will stay the same. However, the reality will hurt once I see all the changes. So many affected. So much loss.

I know though, that this town is made of things much stronger than bricks and wood. Its heart is strong and its people stronger. The changes will hurt, yes, but the spirit of the town, it’s people, will remain strong and vital. That’s just how West Liberty is. It’s what I love most about this town that I call “home”.

It’s people will rebuild with that pioneer spirit that it was originally built with. It will be new, but it won’t. The people have not changed, just the buildings. I am proud to call West Liberty my “down home” !!!