I saw my new gastroenterologist the other day. Since I have been having so many issues with my colon, I knew I needed to see someone so my new family doctor referred me to this new doctor. He was awesome! He had us schedule a colonoscopy for the first part of April, hopefully by then these issues will be resolved enough to do it.

I feel so much better after seeing this doctor and I am so glad to add him to my team of doctors! My appointment was for 2:30 pm, I got there at 2:25. I was checked in and filling out forms and then called back to the room. The nurse was thorough and very nice. The doctor was amazing! Afterwards, I paid, got my instructions, and left. It was now 3:00. WOW!!! I love how these doctors value my time as much as their own! I like this new trend in medicine.

So, one major thing down, a few more to go. I still have eto see my new gynecologist for checking out that mass on my ovary. I am seeing my neurologist Friday. I see my surgeon next Thursday and the the following Monday, my rheumatologist. My ducks are lining up quite nicely.

Thank you all for your continued good wishes and thoughts and prayers. Things are on the upswing now! I am being proactive and hope things turn out well. I have a lot more living to do, a new grandbaby coming, and plans to do much more!