My New Blog


I am really excited to tell you all that I have a new blog! It is called “Life and Living”. It was created by me because I got to thinking about all the off topic things I post on here and now they will have a place!

I have only two posts on it so far, both reposts of items on this blog, but I would like to invite any who would like to subscribe to go to this address:

Let me know your thoughts and what kind of topics you would like to see covered. I am excited! This will free me up on this blog to cover the many autoimmune topics that I began this blog for and the off topic items can go on the new blog!

I am still trying to get it set up properly, so please bear with me as I iron out the kinks. You will see I am leaving the off topic posts on this blog, but I will be adding the new ones onto the new blog.

Thanks for your continued support and your readership and sharing all the things we go through when we have lupus! That will not change here at all. ~Jen