Road Trip


Well, my neice is having her first baby and she lives in Louisville. We drove down to my sister in laws house to stay until the shower. She lives outside of Lexington. I am really looking forward to the shower and seeing my neice pregnant in person. I have only seen pictures to this point so I really want to see her. 

The trip started out pretty well. The drive was not bad, we missed rush hour in Cincinnati which is always a good thing. We got down here and this is where it gets interesting. Road trips lately seem to aggravate my sciatica and so sure enough, it acted up. This made me unsteady (or more unsteady than usual). I laid down to rest it and needed to get back up. I called for my husband to help me and he said he was eating. I decided to get up on my own. I rolled off the bed and promptly fell onto my left side. I yelled for help and finally got up and dusted myself off and thought it was a one off. I was wrong.

When I went to bed, I fell asleep and woke to acid reflux. What fun!! I took meds and had to sit up until they went into effect. The short version is that I was up most of the night last night. I finally get back into bed around 6:30 am. 

At 10:00 I was awakened by my husband asking me to get up and cook his breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. I got up and did that and basically discovered that I hurt pretty bad from my fall. I tried to get a nap later this afternoon, but it just was not gong to happen. I am really hurting on my left arm and shoulder plus my rib cage and left knee. Hey, I do not do things halfway. Crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am having a great time visiting with family. I am just doing it in more than the usual amount of pain. Oh, and my blood pressure is high. My feet are swelling and did I mention pain on my left side?  

So my first day and night have been eventful to say the least. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be better.