Babies, Trips and ER visits


It has certainly been a busy few weeks around here. My niece is having her first baby in a month. In the last three weeks, she has been given two baby showers. Both were in Kentucky. Both involved a road trip to attend. With lupus, trips need to be planned. I did that. I enjoyed family time and fun and food. 

A good friend of mine became a grandmother in the last few weeks too. There is nothing like that first grandbaby! Her grandson is so precious! I got my baby fix holding him after he came home, He is such a handsome young baby. I tell you, babies are all around me right now.

The trips and babies covered, now on to the ER visits. While I have been away, my daughter has had to go to the ER because of right side pain. After tests, it has been discovered that she has a kidney stone 11 mm in size! She will be seeing a doctor tomorrow to hopefully get that thing broken up and out! She called me and had forgotten that I was in Kentucky. After some calls, we got her help. Mom to the rescue even from kentucky!

My husband, in the meantime, had another seizure while I was gone too. He woke up on the floor beside the bed. Scary!

Now, I am heading home tomorrow. Everyone can settle back down since I will be close again. Such is the life of me. Crazy. Mi vida loca!!!