Hospital Again


Hello everyone! I sincerely hope that you have all had a great week! Our weather here in Ohio has been beautiful! Sadly, I did not get to enjoy it.

I had to prep for a colonoscopy which meant that I was tied to the toilet for the weekend. Yay me! I am glad that I had it though. It was on Monday morning I had it. I knew something was different when I woke up and discovered it took a lot longer than normal. I was also hurting a little. I have had lots of these since 2001 so I know the drill.

Anyway, I found that they had removed three small 2 mm polyps and one big 3 cm polyp. That big one was the worry. They have all been sent for biopsy and I find the results on Monday. Ok, whew!! Made it!!

Then, on Monday evening I began to hurt in the region of the big polyp removal. I went to sleep eventually but woke with more pain. I kept pretending to myself ( something I am quite good at) that it would go away. Instead, it got worse until finally I called the doctor at 4:30 pm. He told me to go to the ER and have a ct scan. Easy enough, right? Wrong!

I got there at 5:30 pm (driving myself, don’t ask). After triage and IV port in, bloodwork was sent off and they finally got a room for me. I went back and got dressed in hospital garb and waited. I saw the doctor around 8 pm and he ordered morphine for pain and zofran for nausea. Now I was scrambling texting trying to find a ride for later when I left. Remember, I drove myself ( again, don’t ask).

Finally I got my ct scan. The doctor returned and said my lymph nodes were inflamed around the area the polyp was removed. Great! The good news was my colon wasn’t perforated!! Ok, lymph nodes, sounds like lupus is acting up to me but what do I know?

I was then told I was being admitted. What!? Oh just great! So, now I am texting saying I am not needing a ride after all. Around 1 am I am taken to a room and after another hour of admission process I am finally able to rest a little bit. I slept for an hour before the lab came for blood again. Next was the tech for vitals. The nurse was next with meds. So, no sleep.

I must have seen seven different doctors on Wednesday morning. Finally one came in and said I had “alongmedicalnameicantrecall” syndrome that a few people get after a colonoscopy. Figures. This was the first time I ever had anything like this!

I was told if I could eat lunch, I could go home. Yippee!!! Well, after lunch, another doctor came in and said I would stay one more night just to be safe. Oh no!!! After she consulted with the other doctor, it was decided it was up to me! I dressed quickly and asked for my paperwork. Ah! The sweet smell of success!! I was breaking out!! Then, oops!!!!

They asked how I was getting home. Thankfully I had not had pain meds that day so I told them I was driving myself. It almost was an issue but in the end, they walked me all the way to my car and I was out of there!!!

I stopped and got my meds on the way home them got home. Took my meds and sat in my recliner with the intent of watching a few shows that were on the dvr. The joke was on me! Once I sat back my kitty jumped into my lap and I woke up at 8 this morning! Now, that’s not so bad but I went into the bedroom and promptly fell back to sleep. I finally woke up at 3 pm! I guess I was sleepy!!!

So, I must apologize for being MIA but it wasn’t intended. To beat it all, the weather today is cold rain!! All those beautiful days and I was out. Crap. Oh well, at least I am home now!

Please dear friends I would like to ask for prayers that my biopsy comes back ok. I am a little worried. I am not going to obsess but it is there until they give the all clear.

Hopefully I will steer clear of hospitals for a long time now. Well, one can hope anyway! Hope you are all enjoying spring wherever you live! ~Jen


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