Lupus and Lymph Nodes


Since my recent hospitalization for inflamed lymph nodes, I thought I would reblog this oldie post to refresh my memory. I hope you enjoy!

Living a Natural Life With Lupus

Ok, I confess that right now my lymph nodes are rather swollen so this information was gathered for my own personal use. I figured that if I found it interesting, then maybe others would as well. So, from the mayo clinic web page, here is the information I found.


By Mayo Clinic staff

Swollen lymph nodes combined with accompanying signs and symptoms are a common reason that people, particularly children, visit their doctors.

Your lymph nodes, also called glands, play a vital role in your body’s ability to fight off viruses, bacteria and other causes of illnesses. Most often, lymph nodes swell and become inflamed as a result of an infection. However, there are many possible causes of swollen lymph nodes.

Treatment for inflamed, swollen lymph nodes, also known as lymphadenitis, depends on the cause. In some cases, the passage of…

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2 thoughts on “Lupus and Lymph Nodes

  1. Thank you for the information. I was diagnosed with lupus about a year ago. My lymph nodes started swelling in December. At first, I didn’t realize that lupus caused lymph nodes to swell until I did some research and spoke with my rheumatologist. This was the first time that had a flare up. As more glands began to swell, I began to feel like I was catching the flu and my fingertips turned white. My doctor prescribed 20mg of prednisone. I feel better but the some of the glands are still swollen. Do they ever go down all the way? Did you have to go to the hospital for your swollen glands? Thanks for your help.

    • The answer is yes or no. Each lupus patient has different results. Mine swell and then go down. Yours may go down too. All depends on your lupus. I hope they do go down. Follow your doctors advice. ~Jen

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