The Results Are In


As I stated previously, I had a colonoscopy done a week ago on Monday. Things did not go as I expected. Not to rehash but they found four polyps, three of which were benign and small and one which was questionable and 3 cm in size!! I got worried.

Now as a lupus patient, it is not wise to get too worried, but I wanted to be prepared in case it turned out to be bad news. You know, think the worst and hope for the best. Uh huh. I did just that. I scanned the internet for colon cancers and what a malignant polyp looked like. I checked out treatments for cancer. Basically I scared myself to death. Whew! Job is now complete.

I went on Monday for my follow up appointment. My gastroenterologist told me that the big polyp was a type of precancerous cells that is fast at changing to cancer. It could have been worse had I waited much longer to have this procedure. He said he feels sure he got most of it out. It does not warrant another procedure for one year. No more than one year. If I have any issues before that, we will decide how to proceed sooner. In the meantime, he is double checking the tests that were done, along with the hospital records to make sure al is well and we can wait. Whew!

Crisis averted for now. So, now I am feeling a little more relaxed and not so stressed. Thanks be to God! I wanted to share this good news with you all because I am prone to share bad new easily enough so good news should be shared too! Thanks for the prayers!


One thought on “The Results Are In

  1. Mary

    So happy to hear this news. Let’s think positive. My last EGD was not so good. Be aware that they need to take the tube slowly out of your throat. They took mine out too fast-gastric juices got into my lung and now I have aspirated pneumonia. Not good for Lupus patients. I know this had nothing to do with your procedure just wanted fellow “Lupies” to be aware.

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